About Us

The consulting firm of Lombard & Clayton, Inc. was formed in May 2002. We, Tony Lombard and Bill Clayton, decided to pursue a career in legislative consulting after serving the Denver Police Department for twenty-nine years. While employed as Denver officers, we were assigned to represent the department, the City of Denver and the Police Protective Association at the Colorado General Assembly and the Denver City Council. We have an impressive history of consistent lobbying success. Lombard & Clayton, Inc. was founded on our prior law enforcement, government, and lobbying experience.  We offer our clients an excellent reputation for effectiveness and integrity. In the past three years we have expanded our area of expertise to represent several governmental groups as well as private companies. We represent clients at the local, county, and state government levels. Lombard & Clayton, Inc. recently assisted a client in finalizing a contract in Denver for the first photo-red light traffic system in the city. We are currently in the process of finalizing a city contract establishing the first registered traveler program at Denver International Airport. These contracts require us to work regularly with Denver city council members and the Mayor’s office to mediate

Lombard & Clayton, Inc.

A Legislative Consulting Firm for State and Local Issues.

Our mission at Lombard & Clayton, Inc. is to conduct business in compliance with high ethical standards and all applicable laws and regulations to ensure optimum success for our clients.

numerous issues related to business clients. In addition to our work with local governments, we represent clients at the Colorado legislature. We pride ourselves in effectively representing the interests of our clients and have had a tremendous success rate over the past five years. In 2003, we were successful in passing legislation establishing an auto theft prevention authority (HB03-1261) that will provide enforcement and training grants to local law enforcement agencies. We were successful in developing legislation which places rank and file officers on the peace officer standards and training (P.O.S.T.) board (SB03-242). In 2003, we directed a bill through the legislature that established a sunrise review process for groups who wish to be recognized as peace officers (SB04-224). We represent the Colorado District Attorneys’ Council (CDAC) and were honored to be the first non-attorneys in their history to do so. In 2005 we successfully passed the Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) bill for Colorado Counties Inc. During the last two years we have expanded our expertise by representing all 64 counties in the State in the areas of transportation, tax and finance. We secured funding from the State legislature for the continued support of the Fire and Police Pension Association. Lombard & Clayton, Inc. works with local governments to create partnerships which benefit both our clients and the public entity.


 Lombard & Clayton, Inc. believes that representing clients is a year-round function. We feel that in order to be effective, relationships need to be cultivated and maintained with elected officials, legislative legal services staff, Joint Budget Committee staff, Governor’s office, and others to insure that a consistent message is conveyed for our clients. It is our belief that it is important to monitor interim committees, attend political and social functions, and meet with elected officials to keep informed as to upcoming legislative issues.  To this end we participate in all lobbying activity for our clients. This ensures a complete knowledge of issues by both partners and continuity of purpose in relating a consistent message to all levels of government for our clients.